Review Guidelines

MofFitness is one of the fastest-growing sites of health products and supplements. We are constantly working on the quality of our research and reviews. We pay attention to both popular products that have long been on the market and new products. Our team is guided by the goal to help visitors to our site to choose the best products.

What Type of Products Do You Review?

Our best and most widely read reviews are ones related to health products and diet supplements. However, we also review other types of products associated with the health, weight loss, wellness and fitness industry.

How Do You Review Products?

In some cases our subscribers recommend us to discuss the topic. When collecting characteristics, we refer to the original source. We collect feedback only from trusted sources. We do not receive any fees for preparing a review, either positive or negative. When we collect opinions we check their objectivity by comparing them with information on forums, social networks.

The review is not prepared by one author. We exclude any subjective opinion about the product. At least three authors and an editor work on each article. The authors of the content are professional specialists in their fields.


We use automated services to collect information. This allows us to process a large amount of information systematizing it. The reviews are updated in the same way and the opinions of the audience are tracked. We activate tracking on the most relevant topics for discussion. Receiving alerts about emerging discussions, we participate in them and clarify the issues raised by a large number of real customers of the products under consideration. This approach significantly increases the volume, relevance and objectivity of data.

Manufacturers of products

On the official sites of the manufacturer we collect not only information about the characteristics of the product. We also study general information about the company. We find additional information about the company and its reputation. If we find reliable information about the manufacturer’s reliability, we describe it in a review or do not publish the review on our website.