Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution

Appearance and figure are extremely important for any girl. And to get the perfect figure many people have to spend long training in the gym, jogging. In addition, you often have to exclude your favorite products from the diet. Are there any other alternatives?

Expected results all do not appear and you again do not fit into your favorite jeans or skirt. This is familiar to many people. Knowing these problems, we started to explore what solutions can really help. As we studied the issue in detail, we came across one of the possible solutions. It will be discussed in our Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Review. Let’s look at how useful it can be.

What is Cinderella Solution?

This product was developed by Carly Donovan and her colleagues. She dealt with this issue because it was a topical issue for her. So when she studied the issue, she got to all the details. It took her a lot of energy and time. But perseverance and desire to change won. She was interested in the question of why Japanese women are rarely obese and yet have good health. At the same time, the impact of hormones on women’s weight was studied.

Studies have shown that hormonal changes have a significant effect on metabolism. This is especially noticeable during puberty and menopause. At these points, it is necessary to regulate the level of hormones. This will make it easier to control weight. As a result, the solution was first and foremost successfully tested by Carly on itself.

How does it work?

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that takes into account all the factors that can affect it.

  • Age
  • Current height, weight.
  • Rhythm and lifestyle
  • Habit in eating

The product is an online program. It includes detailed individual advice on nutrition and physical activity. You will not have to fix calories in detail or die on a treadmill. But you do get a proven approach to nutrition, lots of recipes, nutrition plans to suit your specific needs. Exercises are collected in a clear and visual form of video. All collected in a two-week calendar. The total duration of the programme is 28 days. This allows you to keep the mode more focused.

This program works most effectively for women after thirty years.

The aim of the program is to restart metabolism and normalize the hormones that affect the hormones – cortisol, insulin, oestrogen. This is a natural and safe process for the body. The main component of Cinderella Solution program is the Japanese principle of “nutrition architecture”.

The programs and recommendations are presented as PDF files, which can be easily opened and viewed on any device. Either these are video tutorials which clearly show the exercises.

Cinderella Solution Review

Let’s take a closer look at what this program consists of. This is a brief description of the main parts.

1. Cinderella Solution explained

This is the first part, which is an introduction. It explains on which principles the program is based and how fat is burned. It provides information about nutrition, food tastes and optimal meal times.

2. Daily nutrition blueprint

It’s a daily meal calendar. Included are both proven recipes and innovative products that make it easy and efficient to lose weight. From this part you can get information about food fumes and food elements. Based on the information in this part, you will not only be able to use a ready-made diet, but also to make your own preferences.

3. Flavor Pairing and DIY Meals

The third part contains detailed information about the combination of products when preparing meals. Indicators of calories and food factors for products. Recommendations on portion size are also provided. Choosing the right amount of food will allow you to reduce calories and lose extra weight. But at the same time, you will not wear out your body with damage to your health.

With concentrated information, you will be able to adjust your diet and get your figure back to normal. This will be implemented naturally.

  • Specialized product – this development is aimed at women, taking into account their individual characteristics.
  • Detailed and clear information – you don’t have to study and immerse yourself in a lot of data. Everything is presented in a simple and clear way. It is a step-by-step progression towards the goal.
  • Simplicity of training – the proposed exercise does not require any additional costs for equipment and does not require exhausting long-term training, the main emphasis is on the regulation of nutrition. The main exercises are aimed at problem areas.
  • Affordable price – you won’t have to pay a lot of money and you can get your money back if this product doesn’t suit you within the agreed time frame.
  • The programme will not be effective for men.
  • You’ll have to update your closet.

Customer Reviews & Before and After


“I’ve tried a lot of things and I haven’t lost more than three pounds. The fitness instructor said that after thirty-five women’s bodies are difficult to lose weight. And how surprised he was when he saw me after a month and a half with Cinderella Solution. I asked for over 20 pounds and was full of energy.”


“I wasn’t hoping to look as sexy and attractive anymore. And I didn’t really believe in Cinderella Solution anymore, because I tried a lot of diet and training programs. Initially, I thought my floor weight was broken. But after double-checking, I realized that in three weeks, my clothes were about the same size. My husband is madly excited about my transformation.”


“My extra weight was really bothering me. Not only was I embarrassed to sunbathe on the beach, I limited myself in my choice of clothes. After buying the Cinderella Solution program, I shocked everyone I knew. I had lost almost 40 pounds in the last two months. I threw away all the stuff I hated. There was self-confidence and I could let myself look more stylish. “

Customer Reviews
Before and After

So, let’s sum it up. This product has already been tested by a huge number of women and many of them share their results. You can also do it today by ordering and trying out Cinderella Solution. It is best to do it on the official website with home delivery. Do not put off your transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

While collecting and studying information in social networks and forums we met with the same questions. Therefore we have decided that it will be useful to answer them here.

1) What is the Cinderella Solution flavor pairing?

The principle of building a diet from products by their combination. Based on Japanese food principles and scientific evidence. By using optimal pairs of foods, you get dishes that help speed up your metabolism.

2) Is Cinderella Solution safe?

In essence, the program is an adjustment of the natural processes of the body. You do not deplete the body or suppress appetite. The basis of the program is regulation of nutrition with the understanding of the impact of food on the body. Physical exercise is not difficult or dangerous for the body. If you have any doubts, you can consult a doctor.

3) How quickly does this program work? ?

We didn’t find an unambiguous answer. Changes in the body may not be as fast. Most customers described the changes after a month of using Cinderella Solution. But their results were different. This may depend on your metabolism, current weight, health status and other factors.

Allan Clark

Allan is a certified personal trainer Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Over 8 years working as a personal trainer.

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